Our impact

We’ve achieved a great deal. But our work for everyone affected by myeloma continues.

Myeloma UK was established in 1997. Since then we’ve been working tirelessly to provide support, to advance treatment through research, and to improve care for myeloma patients and their families.


Here are just some of the things we have achieved:

  • We’ve worked collaboratively to establish 34 Clinical Trial centres across the UK, recruiting hundreds of patients to innovative trials
  • We have helped to improve access to drugs and treatments on the NHS and influence health policy through passionate Patient Advocacy work
  • Our Patient Information publications have grown over the years, offering informative guides for patients and carers
  • The Myeloma Infoline and Ask the Nurse email service have answered thousands of calls and emails from myeloma patients
  • Fundraisers and supporters have helped us to raise over £31.2 million and counting to help us fund the vital work we do


Despite our achievements, there’s still much to be done. We want to work together to progress towards our ultimate goal of finding a cure and making myeloma history.


Persistent pain, usually in the back, ribs or hips, without a clear cause that doesn’t go away even when resting

Easily broken bones

Breaks or fractures to bones – particularly in the back, rib cage or hips – that happen easier than they should


Persistent tiredness or breathlessness that can’t be explained by anything else

Recurring infection

Recurring or persistent infections e.g. throat, chest or urinary

Help & Support: Speak to one of our trained and qualifed Myeloma Information Specialists or email us