26 duets for Myeloma UK

Friends Jenny and Elaine take on the 2.6 Challenge in support of Myeloma UK xxxx

Fundraising News // 21st May 2020

Jenny and Elaine have been friends since they met on the first day of school, 36 years ago! Elaine is currently living with Jenny and her family while in lockdown, so that they can be together and support each other.

2.6 Challenge 26 duets fundraising Myeloma UK


Jenny said: “It didn’t take long for the silliness to start” and soon the pair were singing duets and posting the videos on Facebook daily during the Easter weekend. Their friends and colleagues soon encouraged them to take on the 2.6 Challenge, to help raise money for UK Charities in a time that they will lose donations from charity events being postponed or cancelled. They decided to complete 26 duets throughout lockdown and raise funds for Myeloma UK and other organisations.





Myeloma patient fundraising Myeloma UK 2.6 Challenge

Elaine sadly lost her mum Philomena just over three years ago after she was diagnosed with myeloma in June 2015. Unfortunately, Philomena also had AL amyloidosis and secondary Lymphoma and died aged 74. Jenny said: “She was incredibly brave and positive – and Elaine is so grateful that she got her mum home for one last Christmas before she passed away 30 December 2016”.

“Philomena was a lovely Irish lady, the youngest of 10 children – crazy about dancing and always full of the craic. Before her illness, there was no one could jive like her!”



Sadly, Jenny also lost her mum, to a rare degenerative neurological disease called Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) and both of their mother’s died within three months of each other. Both women have been through a lot together. Jenny explained: “We both also lost our fathers when they were much too young – so we have a lot in common. We went to school together, to university together and now at 47 we are just as ridiculous and silly as we were when we were 17”.

2.6 Challenge 26 duets fundraising Myeloma UK


They have currently raised over £800 and counting and have more duets to come! Jenny said: “We both have quite demanding jobs, so it’s been quite a feat to fit it all in over the last few weeks – and we’re trying really hard to not let the standard slip – in fact we’re getting quite carried away with the dressing up…”

Visit their Virgin Money Giving page to donate and watch all of the previous duet performances.

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