Planning ahead

Get help and information about how to plan ahead once you’ve been diagnosed with myeloma. Our resources will help you address this difficult subject with those you care about.

Unfortunately, there does come a time when myeloma progresses to a point where nothing more can or should be done to keep it under control. At this point your treatment will be to manage your symptoms to ensure the best quality of life. Your care will concentrate on identifying your needs, preferences and wishes, and to help you live as well as possible until you die.

Talking about your wishes

For many people, death is a difficult subject to discuss or think about. The thought of dying can be frightening and it’s natural to worry about what will happen.

Learning about what may happen at the end of life can help you plan ahead, make decisions and begin to take back control in a situation that can often feel overwhelming. This can help you focus on doing the things you enjoy with the people you love and care about.

Planning ahead by having conversations with your family, doctor and/or nurse can help to reduce the chances of decisions being made without your participation. It will also give you the chance to put your affairs in order, for example by making a will, which can help your family members during a difficult and emotional time.

Our Planning ahead: An Infopack for myeloma patients, which was developed in partnership with Marie Curie, has been written for patients who are looking for answers about the end of life. You may find it most helpful at an early stage when you want to explore and prepare for what may happen at the end of your life, or you might want to read it at a later stage of your myeloma.

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